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God Has Your Back

Don't Put God In A Box

You Can Be Happy

I decided to be happy today, but then the day started terribly.

Everything was working against me. Everyone was one way or the other upsetting me. Then I paused and looked back, “Why am I so mad today, why do I get pissed at everything?”

It then dawned on me that it was the devil, he heard when I promised myself that I’m not going to be angry. There and then I decided to disappoint him. I made conscious effort to control my emotions. I was determined to be happy no matter what. I’ll tell you it wasn’t easy, but I did it despite all odds.

At the end, I was so happy not just because I put the devil to shame but because I learnt that I can do anything I put my mind to. I learnt that I can control my emotions and choose the way I react to people’s actions. I learnt that happiness is a choice and I have the right to choose. I also learnt that the devil is interested in the tiniest bit of our lives and always ready to pull us down at the slightest chance.

If we are conscious of this, we’ll always frustrate his efforts and put him to shame because God has equipped us with all we would ever need to conquer. Do you know you can be happy if you choose to, no matter what the heck happens?


Change your situation if you can but if you can’t, quit complaining and put a right attitude!

When you stop complaining about what you cannot change and enjoy what you can, the stress becomes less.

Study for the Test

Trials and tribulations are tests. If you have a great purpose, you are bound to face difficult challenges. How you go through them is very important.

Put a right conduct when going through the test. There will be difficult times, when people hurt you, take your kindness for granted, say negative things about you, try to put you down by any means necessary. It will hurt a lot, especially when it comes from people you love, people you least expect, people you treat so well, people you can give your life for.

But you know what, do not bring yourself low to their level. Do not try to treat them in the same manner. Do not try to give in to them the way they want because your purpose is bigger than that. Set your eyes on the purpose and remember they are all a “test” that you have to pass.

After the test, there is always a promotion, your character is developed and you are better than ever before.

Don't Worry

You don’t change anything by worrying. You only take away your peace.

Do your best and hand your situation over to God who has power to change things.

Stay Calm

Be calm and know that God will never leave you nor forsake you. He will fight your battle and give you peace!


God has something for you today. Just trust on His grace.